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Ticket Info

The what's what.


  • Event sold out? Get on the waitlist! Our waitlist may be your only hope of getting into the festival once we've sold out. Be sure to register your entire party individually as Eventbrite releases waitlisted tickets one at a time and cannot release multiple tickets to a single person.

  • The waitlist will open up if/when event passes sell out after Phase 3.

  • Please leave your email address AND phone number so we can double-notify you should a ticket become available. Also, e-mail address typos happen.

  • When a ticket becomes available, you will have 24 hours to register. Once this time frame has passed, your spot will automatically be released to the next person on the waitlist.

  • We cannot re-release you a ticket if you miss your registration window.

  • See our DIY Ticket Transfers policy below


No Refunds

  • We DO NOT offer refunds to this event. We understand illness, injury, or family emergencies do happen. While we’ll always want to help, please be ready for our policies to still apply.

  • We DO allow you to transfer your tickets to another qualifying individual 48 hours prior to festival start.

  • We CAN process event registration transfers to next year's event (less Eventbrite fees) up to 30 days prior to festival start.

  • Again, we do not offer refunds.

  • e.g. Michelle buys a ticket to a Taylor Swift concert, but she cannot attend. Swifty still has to pay her people and for the concert even though Michelle won't be there and thus, Michelle understands that Taylor Swift is not able to refund her concert ticket. In this situation you are Michelle and we are Taylor Swift. Thanks for understanding we still have to pay our people and for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in event costs regardless whether you join us or not.


How DIY Ticket Transfers Work

  • Up to 48 hours prior to the festival a registered pass holder can transfer your ticket yourself to another qualifying participant via Eventbrite.

  • We may be able to assist and open your spot to a waitlisted person, but cannot guarantee they will purchase your tickets (including add-ons) either partially, or in their entirety. You may be responsible for the costs of add-ons and opt to release your Festival Pass registration and recoup the associated costs.