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Safer Spaces Guidelines

We use the word "safer" to acknowledge that safety is relative:

not everyone feels safe under the same conditions.

Who This Space is Intended For

Our spaces are for all self-identifying femmes, including cis women, lesbian, bi, queer or questioning women, trans women, trans masc folks comfortable in a femme-centered environment, non-binary or genderfluid people wishing to access a femme-centered space, and for those whose gender identity includes woman or femme some or all of the time. Our spaces are inclusive of folks of color, of all sizes, of all ages over 21, with disabilities, and those preferring to identify in gender-neutral terms. Our space is also inclusive of a small number of male/masc-identifying individuals who are working for respective event partners or are special guests onsite for a designated function. 

In order to enable us to come together and celebrate ourselves, there are a few ground rules to ensure that everyone feels as welcome and comfortable as possible at all times.

If you feel unsafe at any point, or witness any problematic behavior, please let our event staff know.

Age limit

Participants must be 21 years old.

A pronoun is how you refer to someone, for example using she or they. Please ask people what their pronouns are if you are meeting them for the first time. Use their correct pronouns, even if the words are unfamiliar to you. If you make a mistake and refer to someone with the wrong pronoun, quickly correct and move on.

Don’t make assumptions about someone’s identity and think about the ways that people from minority groups may be impacted in different ways by the issues you discuss. Be aware that your experiences are not necessarily the same as everybody else in the room. Be aware of any position and privileges you may bring regarding for example your race, your class, your gender identity, your ability or your age.  Ask questions respectfully, and understand that no one is required to share information about their identities or experience(s).

Oppressive Behavior
Racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, ableism, fatphobia, ageism or discrimination on basis of ethnicity, immigration status, or religious, cultural, and/or spiritual beliefs, or any other kind of oppressive behavior is unacceptable and will be challenged. Please do not use slurs that are not yours to use: e.g if you are white do not use racial slurs, even if you are being critical of them. Please give a choice for people to interact without having to talk if they don’t want to.

Sexual Harassment & Consent to Touch
There is a zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment (verbal or physical, even as a joke) and we practice enthusiastic consent for touching of any kind. This means no unwanted touching (including hugs), so please make sure you have consent before engaging in any physical contact with someone. A wheelchair or other mobility device is considered part of one's person and should never be touched, pushed, or moved without consent.

Space to Speak
Please be aware that it may be difficult for those belonging to marginalized groups or minority groups to participate in discussions. Be mindful of the space you take. If you have spoken on several occasions, make sure that you are giving space for other to participate; try to give less confident and quieter people a chance to speak.


API – Assume Positive Intent

Not everyone comes in with the same set of experiences and knowledge, so assume that people have good intent. Please have positive intent yourself, and be accountable for the impact of your actions and words as well.


Affinity Spaces, Rides, & Scheduled Programs

Affinity spaces are an integral part of creating an inclusive environment. These spaces and offerings give individuals with similar backgrounds an opportunity to socialize with others who may share lived experiences, or alternatively, decompress from having to code switch to fit into a larger social gathering. Affinity spaces at Roam may be exclusive (e.g. BIPOC Chill Zone, Solo Shredders ride, Moms ride) or inclusive (e.g. Queers+Ally ride). If you are ever unsure about an affinity space, please ask a staff member.


Roam is a space where we expect attendees to take into account the needs and comfort levels of others, and not just prioritize our own experiences or points-of-view. We believe that community is about treating each other respectfully, caring for one another, inviting each other in, and holding each other up.

Social Media
Everything in our safer spaces guidelines also extends to social media platforms


I was one of the lucky BIPOC Fellowship recipients this year. I was really nervous at first not knowing what to expect, but Roam Fest really knocked it out of the park! The friends and community I gained from this past weekend was the biggest take away for me. I really felt that diversity, inclusion and fun were at the very forefront of this festival. If anyone is thinking about going to Roam Fest, I highly suggest it!!! I had the best time with the raddest folks!

- Roam Fest '23 BIPOC Fellowship Participant

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