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Ask Aunty Nance FAQs

Ash Zolton


Co-Founder / EmCee

Andi Zolton


Co-Founder / Director of Logistics 

Sam Ryan


Dir. of Operations / Partnerships

Kayla Luhrs


Festival Director

Effanesia "Effo" Baker


Director of Finance

Sienna "Santa" Martin


Volunteer & Ride Coordinator

Rachel Kagan


Operations Manager

Patty Valencia


Media Director

Rachel Olzer


Director of Inclusion

About Us

If you can believe it, we kicked off our first Roam Fest back in 2017 with just our two founders Ash & Andi Zolton (not sisters), a little sister (actually a sister), and seven friends who volunteered not having a clue what they were getting themselves into. In hindsight, we wouldn't change a single thing. 

We knew we wanted to create a place to play bikes and feel like we belonged...and so we intentionally curated an experience based on things we cared about - hugs not handshakes, fun always being first, and paying attention to the outliers who maybe need events like Roam the most. 

Our small but mighty crew has changed over the years (our forever gratitude to every Roamie who's contributed to making Roam what it is today) and we've grown into a world-class events team with nine year-round staff (who put in over 5,000 hours of planning for a single festival), thirty+ event staff, 100 volunteers, and yes...a very capable sibling or two that we still lean on to get shit done.



Meet the magical humans behind Roam

This festival was legit. Tons of awesome vendors, great swag bags, and a truly great time. A lot of events have "forced stoke" but nothing was forced at Roam. Everybody was there to party and rip!

1st time participant, so impressed!!! Bringing in locals as ride guides was icing on the cake, getting the best trail routes and information. Action packed weekend! Roam is simply fabulous!

One of the best run events I've ever attended. Add in a slew of rad women in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds and you'll leave this event with tired legs, more laugh lines, and a happy heart.

It was like the Romie Homies reached into my brain and planned my perfect weekend. I LOVE bikes and this weekend was my version of Disneyland. Everything was so well planned out, from the comms to small things like snacks for the movie and clean port-o-potties. More importantly, I felt cared for and like I was family. 

Roam Fest was not only a damn good time, but an incredibly special space to build community and grow my confidence as a mountain biker. In every moment, I felt like I was truly included and meant to be here, and made amazing connections on and off the bike with other rad folks. Can't wait to come back!

I went with a group of friends and we had the time of our lives. The event is impeccably well run by the most stellar bad assed women who TRULY care about the community of femme MTBers, including the sponsors and vendors who clearly represent the mission of Roam.

Hype / Testimonials

Qualifying volunteers:

- Live locally (preferred, not required)

- Are available to attend Roam Fest the entire weekend

- May be available for Wed/Thurs shifts (not required)

- Can commit to three shifts up to 4-hours in duration

- Will attend a pre-festival digital volunteer meeting (required)

- Are the consummate example of an awesome Roamie

Applications close March 1, 2024


Qualifying Ride Guides:

- Can confidently navigate at least one of the three local trail systems (18rd, Kokopeli, Lunch Loops)

- Can commit to at least one "Ride Beta" shift
- Can commit to three Guided Rides up to 4-hours in duration

- Are available to attend Roam Fest the entire weekend*

- Will attend a pre-festival digital Ride Guide meeting (required)

- Are the consummate example of an awesome Roamie


Applications close March 1, 2024

* We'll consider applicants who can attend part of the event on a case-by-case basis.

Ride Guides

We'd love to have your company, kindness, hustle, and hugs. 

Roam Fest volunteer and Ride Guide opportunities are for those who prefer to contribute to Roam with their skills and stoke. We prioritize locals and those with skills and experience which help us put on a better event. With this in mind, please only apply if your motivations are in the right place and you feel qualified, committed, and super up to the tasks we have available. 

Roam Volunteers are just the best.

Volunteer / Ride Guide

We're proud to be collaborating with non-profit The Roam Collective (TRC) to bring robust, intentional inclusion programming to Roam Fest. 

These programs include:

- Roam BIPOC Fellowship

- Roam Rowdies

- Para Adaptive Inclusion

- Roam Media Core

- SHREDTalks Panel

To learn more and apply, visit the link below.

Promoting Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion in the Outdoors

Scholarships & Inclusion

Copyright 2024 Roam Events LLC

Roam Fest is a Roam Events production

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