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Looking for info on anything and everything ride-related at Roam Fest?

Welp, you've come to the right place friends.


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4 Steps
to Ride Success at Roam

1. Snag Your Add-Ons

There are a finite number of Guided Ride, Shuttle, and Demo passes that will all sell out. Snag your Add-Ons with your event registration. 

2. Download Trailforks

Trailforks has never given us a dime to say this, but we'll keep insisting that the easiest way to ride anywhere, including at Roam, is to use the Trailforks app. 

3. Start at the Ride Zone

Looking for more info on shuttles, DIY group rides, guided rides, general trail beta, hydration, or anything even remotely ride related?

Head to the Ride Zone!

4. Sign Up, Be Prepared

Many of our workshop rides, and all of our Guided Rides & shuttles require signing up with our Ride Beta experts. Remember, always arrive to your ride prepared and early!

Level up your weekend at Roam with expertly curated rides supported by our local Ride Guides. 

What makes Guided Rides slap? Well, a few things:

- Leave the navigating to us! With over 280 miles of trail in the Grand Valley, it's tough to know the best routes and how to ride them. 

- Our Ride Beta experts will place you on a ride that's just right for your experience, pace, hopes and dreams

- Small group size with max 6 riders plus a Ride Guide

- The ability to sign up for any shuttle to any trailhead, even if you are headed out for a DIY ride. 

- Our commitment to keeping rides fun-first.

Sound good? We thought so too. Guided Ride passes go quick, so snag one while you can. 

This is the Way. Take the Ultimate Adventure with Local Trail Aficionados

Guided Rides

Guided Rides + All Shuttles ($60)

Hop on a Guided Ride that includes a shuttle, OR schedule yourself on an available open shuttle anywhere, anytime, all weekend long. ​

Grand Valley All Weekend Open Shuttles ($30)

Lunch Loops? Yep.​

Kokopeli Trails? Yep.

18 Road hot laps? Yep. 

18 Road All Weekend Open Shuttles ($20)

Shuttle like a local & skip the pedal up to the top of our favorite downward-trending rides (PBR, Joe's Ridge, etc.)

Sunday-Only 18 Road Shuttles ($8)

We'll let you in on a Roamie not-so-secret: you're legs'll be toast by Sunday. ​No worries! We've got shuttles running to the top of 18 road all dang day. 

Get chummy with other Roamies as you head to the trailhead on one of our dozens (maybe hundreds?) of shuttles all weekend long. ​

We've got four ways to party all the way to the trailhead:

A Great Ride Starts with a Hassle Free Lift to the Trailhead 

Trailhead Shuttles

FYI, Kokopeli Trailhead and Lunch Loop shuttles are TRANSPORTATION to trailheads, not a ride to the top of a mountain to ride down (those kind of trails/roads don't exist)

NEW! All festival pass holders will be able to demo bikes from 1pm-4pm! 

Ebikes? Yep! Carbon? Uh-huh. Full-suspension? You betcha! 

Want to demo all day AND guarantee yourself a bike in your specific size? Upgrade yo'self to an all-weekend Demo Bike Pass Add-On for $75 smackaroos. Grab a second or third (or sixth!) bike before 1pm to ensure size availability. 

Demo riders should come ride-ready with a helmet and bike shoes. Credit card and ID are required for a security hold (standard industry procedure). 

Looking for a New Whip? Flying and Don't Want to Rent? Just Want to Try Something Different? 

Demo (Test Rides)

Riding workshops are included in your festival pass and encompass a variety of on-the-bike group activities curated and hosted by our fabulous event partners.  

Some of our past favorites (many will be returning)

  • Learn to Track Stand

  • E-tastic E-bike 101 with the E-Bitches

  • BIPOC Group Ride

  • Solo Shredders Group Ride
  • Moms Group Ride

  • Trailside Fix-a-Flat

  • Riding Slow AF & Loving It

Meet New Friends, Learn Something New, Shred the Brown Pow

Riding Workshops

Affinity Rides are shorter no-drop social/party pace group rides hosted for a variety of folks across identities. 

Some of our Affinity Rides are exclusive, meaning they are for folks who specifically identify with a group:

- BIPOC Ride

- Parents Ride

- Solo Shredders Ride

A few are inclusive, meaning anyone who cares to support or party with a group may join:

- Queers+Allys Ride

- Para/Adaptive Curious Ride

Affinity Rides will be posted on our event schedule. Please arrive 10 minutes early, ride-ready, so we can herd all the cats.  

Find Your People. Enjoy the Ride. 

Affinity Rides