Say What?!

Seriously one of the best weekends of my life!

Jenna -  Roam Bike Fest Sedona, 2017

Roam is magic! If you haven't been yet, then you better get signed up! 

Amelia -  Roam Bike Fest Brevard, 2019

This was the most confidence boosting, friendship building, bad ass weekend I’ve had all year!

Melinda -  Roam Bike Fest Sedona, 2018

I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of just plain unadulterated, unsucky, fun I had this past weekend. From the number of vendors and booths, the plethora of demo bikes, bazillions of miles of all levels of glorious red bike trails, and all the way through to the fiesta dinner and after party, I was never bored or wishing for something more. Ash and her crew mixed the perfect amount of professionalism and crazy. I can't wait t to come back and bring all the friends. ALL OF THEM."

Kristen -  Roam Bike Fest Sedona, 2017

Going into Roam Bike Fest I was a little skeptical and didn’t know what to expect. The event completely blew me away by the atmosphere, the amount of women who came, and how smoothly everything ran!! It was so organized and just the best weekend with my lady shredders!!" 

Melissa -  Roam Bike Fest Brevard, 2018

Just wow. Like, woooooow! 

Deb -  Roam Bike Fest Brevard, 2019

If there is only one mountain bike event that you must attend, this is it!

Roxy -  Roam Bike Fest Sedona, 2017

Roam Fest is an experience like no other!! The energy, motivation, passion, and camaraderie takes this festival to the next level. I CANNOT WAIT for the next Roam Bike Fest!!!!

AnneMarie -  RBF Brevard, 2017

I drove 10 hours, through a blizzard, over 3 mountain passes and past many a vortex, fueled by caffeine and 80's hair-ballads to get to ROAM. Was it worth it? Abso-friggin-lootly!!! Sign me up for next year ... I can't wait to go back.

J. Leigh -  Roam Bike Fest Sedona, 2017

“This event EXCEEDED my expectations. This was totally and completely awesome, and I will not only do it again, I will convince other women to join me! Any woman that wants to get into mountain biking should attend this event, or, really, any OTHER event y’all put together.”

Laura -  Roam Bike Fest Sedona, 2017

Roam bike fest was fantastic, and my only critique is that they don’t occur more often!! Never been to a women-only bike event and it was so amazing to experience!

Ashley -  Roam Bike Fest Brevard, 2019

I've been mountain biking for twenty years and have never experienced anything as incredible as Roam Bike Fest. I particularly enjoyed the "no skills clinics" school of thought and took advantage of riding my brains out on the group rides. Absolutely awesome. 

Susan -  Roam Bike Fest Sedona, 2018

Roam Bike Fest was AWESOME! Everything about the event was empowering and fun. The clinics were so helpful and tailored to people who don't know all the technical aspects of their bikes. The Industry Influencers panel was wonderful and I wish it could have gone on and on. The demos were amazing and the trails were so much fun. I can't wait to bring all my shreddy friends back next year!!"

Sara -  Roam Bike Fest Sedona, 2017

Roam Fest was rad. The riding was a blast and the views were stunning. It was amazing to meet and ride with a ton of lady crushers. Usually I am the one girl bringing up the rear of a group of guys. It was such a nice change to be able to ride with a group closer to my abilities. It was also an incredible party with a bunch of well organized, fun and informative off bike activities. I will definitely look for future Roam events."

Steph -  Roam Bike Fest Brevard, 2018

I don't drive 2300 miles round trip very often, but when I do, it's because I know it's going to be an awesome time; and it certainly was.

Gabby -  Roam Bike Fest Sedona, 2017

How good was Roam Bike Fest: Sedona? There’s-still-cactus-in-my-socks good. I knew Roam Bike Fest would be awesome, but even my already-high expectations were blown away. The event was rad, supportive, encouraging, fun, organized, and inspiring. I went alone and left with new life friends. See ya at the next one!"

Sarah -  Roam Bike Fest Sedona, 2018