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We use the word "safer" to acknowledge that safety is relative: not everyone feels safe under the same conditions.


Our spaces are for all self-identifying women, including lesbian, bi, queer or questioning women, trans women, non-binary/genderfluid people wishing to access a women-centered space, and for those whose gender identity includes woman some or all of the time. Our spaces are inclusive of women of color, older women, women with disabilities, and folks preferring to identify in gender-neutral terms. 

In order to enable us to come together and celebrate ourselves, there are a few ground rules to ensure that everyone feels as welcome and comfortable as possible at all times.

If you feel unsafe at any point, or witness any problematic behavior, please let our event staff know.

Age limit

Participants must be 21 years old.

A pronoun is how you refer to someone, for example using she or they. Please ask people what their pronouns are if you are meeting them for the first time. Use their correct pronouns, even if the words are unfamiliar to you. If you make a mistake and refer to someone with the wrong pronoun, apologize and move on.

Don’t make assumptions about someone’s identity and think about the ways that people from minority groups may be impacted in different ways by the issues you discuss. Be aware that your experiences are not necessarily the same as everybody else in the room. Be aware of any position and privileges you may bring regarding for example your race, your class, your gender identity, your ability or your age.  Ask questions respectfully, and understand that no one is required to share information about their identities or experience(s).

Oppressive Behavior
Racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, ableism, fatphobia, ageism or discrimination on basis of ethnicity, immigration status, or religious, cultural, and/or spiritual beliefs, or any other kind of oppressive behavior is unacceptable and will be challenged. Please do not use slurs that are not yours to use: e.g if you are white do not use racial slurs, even if you are being critical of them. Please give a choice for people to interact without having to talk if they don’t want to.

Sexual Harassment
There is a zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment. This means no unwanted touching, so please make sure you have consent before engaging in any physical contact with someone. This also means no wolf whistling or catcalling, and no inappropriate sexual comments or sexually based jokes, songs or taunts.

Space to Speak
Please be aware that it may be difficult for those belonging to marginalized groups or minority groups to participate in discussions. Be mindful of the space you take. If you have spoken on several occasions, make sure that you are giving space for other to participate; try to give less confident and quieter people a chance to speak.


API – Assume Positive Intent

Not everyone comes in with the same set of experiences and knowledge, so assume that people have good intent. Please have positive intent yourself, and be accountable for the impact of your actions and words as well.



Roam is a space where we expect attendees to take into account the needs and comfort levels of others, and not just prioritize our own experiences or points-of-view. We believe that community is about treating each other respectfully, caring for one another, inviting each other in, and holding each other up.

Social Media
Everything in our safer spaces guidelines also extends to social media platforms

Safer Spaces


  • Only registered event participants, volunteers, and staff are allowed on festival grounds, including designated camping areas and annexed spaces. Please respect that your non-registered husband, partner, friend, child, and/or aquaintance is not allowed for legal/liability reasons and because their presence may violate our Safe Space policy. 

  • Park in designated areas. Absolutely NO PARKING in Shuttle Zone, emergency vehicle EMS corridor, and designated staff /vendor parking areas. 

  • Please do not leave personal bikes or demo bikes unattended without being locked. We are not responsible for damaged or stolen bikes, equipment, or personal belongings. 

  • No demo bikes may be taken or ridden outside of designated ride areas. We select trail routes and shuttle drop-off locations to ensure bikes are returned within a reasonable time frame. Please do not take a demo bike out ALL DAY - it is unfair to paying festival participants who may want to try the same bike. There are several local bike shops that have rental fleets. 

  • Ride Guides are VOLUNTEERS, not professional guides. Please treat them with respect and patience.

  • At the campground, fire must be contained – in a fire pit, grill, or another safe place. A burn ban may be in effect in dry conditions - this will be strictly enforced when applicable.

  • Respect campground quiet hours of 10PM-8AM.

  • No generators or amplified music at the campground between 9PM-8AM.

  • Please be sure that garbage makes it into a receptacle and that recyclable items are recycled! 

  • Do not remove or damage your wristband.  

  • No unauthorized vending – only registered vendors may sell goods or services on festival grounds.  

  • No smoking - including e-cigarettes & vape pens.

  • Festival goers must abide by all local, state, and federal laws. NO ALCOHOL OR DRUG SALES will be tolerated anywhere on the festival site or annexed properties. 

  • No Pets. "Service Animals" as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act will be allowed. "Emotional Support" animals and "Pets" ARE NOT covered under the ADA and therefore WILL NOT be allowed. All service animals must be registered with Festival ADA Services and be given festival credentials. Service animals must be physically restrained at all times, and it must remain with the person it provides service to at all times


All registered participants are subject to our Event Policies and event organizers reserve the right to eject/excuse any individual from event grounds (including annexed spaces).

Event Policies



By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge that you have read the ticket information and the event policies and agree to the terms and conditions. You also acknowledge that terms, conditions, and policies are subject to change.


Waitlist, Transfers, & Refunds

By purchasing a ticket I agree to the terms and conditions stated below:


  • GET ON THE WAITLIST! Our waitlist is the only option for getting into the festival once we've sold out. Be sure to register your entire group individually as we release waitlisted tickets one at a time. 

    • The waitlist will open up once festival pass tickets are sold out

    • Please leave your email address AND phone number so we can double-notify you should a ticket become available. 

      • When a ticket becomes available, you will have 24 hours to claim your registration. Once this time frame has passed, your spot will automatically be released to the next person on the waitlist. We cannot re-release you a ticket if you miss your registration window



  • At any time prior to the festival start: A registered pass holder can transfer their ticket to another individual who meets participant criteria.

    • This registration transfer, including any monetary exchange, is the responsibility of the original registrant and new registrant and may be applied using the Eventbrite ticketing platform. ​

  • No registration transfers to another event.
  • See our waitlist transfer refund policy below 




  • Up to 7 days before festival start date: A registered pass holder can transfer their ticket to a waitlisted individual (if a waitlist is available). If a waitlisted individual accepts a registration transfer, the original party will receive a refund of registration less Eventbrite fees and a $20 waitlist transfer refund fee. 

    • Original ticket holder must contact Roam Events and request a refund through the Eventbrite ticketing platform. ​

    • Roam Events can not guarantee a waitlisted party is available for a transfer refund. If a transfer to a waitlisted individual is not available, the original ticket holder is subject to our refund policy. 

  • Less than 7 days of festival start (Saturday before the festival start date and onward): No transfer refunds are allowed, only transfers to another person to attend in your place.



  • No refunds. 

    • We understand illness, injury, or family emergencies do happen. While we’ll always want to help, please be ready for our policies to still apply.

    • Due to our small team and the demands of festival planning/access to email service, we may not be able to respond to any refund or transfer requests or questions within a week of the festival start. 

I have more questions, who do I contact?
Please be sure to fully look over details on our website, including the specific details for this event (don't forget to browse our comprehensive FAQ while you're there). Still have questions? Please email us at

All service processing and Eventbrite fees are non-refundable. The show goes on rain or shine. Where events are held at outdoor venues, the risk of inclement weather is assumed by the Customer. Events may be held regardless of weather conditions, rain or shine, as determined by event organizers.


Release of liability


Customer assumes all loss, damage, personal injury, risk or danger incidental to the attraction, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to, the actual attraction and you agree that management, its agents, or volunteers are not responsible or liable for any injuries resulting from such causes. Furthermore, customer acknowledges and does not hold liable Roam Fest event organizers, its agents, or volunteers for transportation, directions, trail guidance or information, or medical attention once customer has left the festival grounds.

This order is a revocable license to the bearer that may be revoked at any time for any reason. Resale or attempted resale of any ticket issued hereunder at a price higher than the face value appearing thereon is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. THIS ORDER IS FOR PURCHASE BY ELECTRONIC MEANS ONLY. PURCHASE OF THIS ORDER OR SALE BY A THIRD PARTY IS NOT AUTHORIZED.

In order to be admitted to an event, customers must check-in at festival registration and sign a Liability Waiver in exchange for a wristband.

Any violation of law or any other inappropriate behavior by the user of this ticket during the event may result in revocation of the license and the user being removed from the venue with no refund of the purchase price or any associated charges.

All customers must abide by all festival guidelines as set forth by Roam Fest event organizers. Violating festival guidelines is grounds for removal without compensation.

Roam Fest event organizers may make changes to the schedule and activities provided without notice, and any such change will not be considered a cancellation of the event. 

The holder of the ticket grants the promoter the right to use their image/likeness as captured on film, video, or any other medium being utilized at the event, and further understands that such images will likely be used to promote future events.


*A service fee will be added to the price of each ticket. We make every effort to keep this service charge as low as possible. This fee helps defray the overhead charges involved in box office operations including ticketing software fees, credit card fees, and labor.

Terms & Conditons
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