Fruita Rides

Choose Your Own Adventure

Fruita Colorado boasts some of of the most unique and challenging riding in the US. 

Green/Beginner rides are indicated in our routes - look for anything rated for Skill Level 2-3.


Anyone who hasn't ridden in Moab/Fruita/Sedona should start on beginner trails (yes, YOU! Intermediate/blue trails here are often harder than most black and double black trails elsewhere)


Our rating system is unique to Roam and we utilize these competency markers to indicate appropriate group rides (which varies based on trail system and terrain). 

Please familiarize yourself with your ROAM Skill Rating before joining any group rides.

(FYI - our rating system does NOT play well with folks used to machine-built flow trail. For Sedona & Fruita - where terrain is rocky and just effing difficult, feel free to rate down until you've slapped a lap with us)


You've never ridden a mountain bike on an actual dirt trail before.

You can execute:

  • Staying upright while pedaling.

Trail Ratings


You have ridden mountain bikes on dirt trails a few times, but mostly everything about riding these contraptions is still a mystery...but you're game to learn!

You can execute:

  • Skill Level 1

  • One finger braking on both the front (left) and rear (right) brakes

  • Riding with 50/50 pedals while not pedaling (pedals are "flat" or parallel to the ground)

  • Pushing the shifter thingy...but being in the right gear might need some work still.

Trail Ratings


You enjoy mellow smooth trails... sometimes climbs come out of friggin' nowhere and you forget to shift, or those rocks get a little cray cray and you prefer to walk-it-out. You are still not entirely comfortable riding roots, rocks, switchbacks, and the steep stuff.

  • You can execute:

  • Skill Level 2

  • Controlled braking at speed

  • Riding while STANDING and being able to coast with 50/50 pedals

  • Can get over small rocks, roots, and obstacles...but you're not sure how you're doing it.

Trail Ratings


You are starting to get the hang of shifting, pedaling through more technical features like rocks and uneven terrain. You are making it up shorter climbs, and getting a little rowdy going down hill....although you prefer keeping your wheels on the ground.

You can execute:

  • Skill Level 3

  • Controlled braking at faster speeds

  • Shifting - you anticipate terrain and can shift accordingly

  • Standing - you're balanced and comfortable standing up with 50/50 pedals and can maintain level pedals during a descent. 

  • Compressing your suspension to get over obstacles like rocks and bigger roots.

  • Confidence rolling over obstacles that do not require wheels to leave the ground.

  • Using a dropper post to get that seat the HECK OUTTA YOUR WAY!

  • Switchbacks and turns that aren't too steep

Trail Ratings


You're confident riding most blue trails and willing to dabble in black trails, although you're positive you'll be walking most technical bits.  You can comfortably use your front and back brakes when different braking pressure is required (i.e. switchbacks, steeper sections of trail), and your wheels even leave the ground (at least a little) on jumps & drops.

You can execute:

  • Skill Level 4

  • Controlled front braking independent from rear braking and vise versa

  • Anticipating changes in terrain and shifting smoothly and often

  • Front wheel lifts to get wheel up or over an obstacle that is not rollable (up to 6 inches)

  • Letting go of the brakes and standing on 50/50 pedals on descents, & maintaining speed as long as you can see what's ahead of you.

  • Trail scanning and cornering techniques such as looking through turns.

Trail Ratings


You feel confident braking, using momentum to crush terrain, and are comfortable shifting and using that seat post dropper all dang day. You can shred through tight trees, loose dirt, snaggly rock gardens, and twisty turns, all while lookin' and feelin' good. Oh and fast/steep descents? Bring it! Can ride most features on most black trails. 

You can execute:

  • Skill Level 5

  • You are confident in your handling skills on a variety of singletrack

  • You can shift your bodyweight to keep traction on steep climbs, and climbing technical terrain is totally in your bag of tricks. 

  • Berms? Braaaap! Timing and coordination through berms and tight turns is dialed, and you are comfortable with bike-body separation to keep speed and momentum through the exit. 

  • Confidence on fast or steep descents with a little air time on jumps and drops

  • You are comfortable with wheels leaving the ground

Trail Ratings
unnamed (43).jpg


You eat trail for breakfast. You are comfortable riding black & double black trails and aggressive terrain with complete control over your speed and your bike. You rarely walk on descents, and can hop or wheel lift over larger obstacles that are not rollable. Slow tech. Fast tech. You want all the tech. 

You can execute:

  • Skill Level 6

  • Confidently riding black trails in Canada, Washington, Moab, Sedona, & other spicy areas

  • Climbing technical "bitchy" climbs and switchbacks are easy peasy

  • Clearing table top jumps, large drops (over 4 feet), and all the sketchiness the trail has for you.

Trail Ratings


You literally ride mountain bikes professionally (sorry roadies/cross badasses...just because you can suffer fast doesn't make you a competent mountain biker)


 Congratulations...we have beer and extra snacks since you're probably broke and hungry.

Trail Ratings


The Grand Valley is home to over 230 miles of trail from strider-friendly Kessel Run to locals favorite (for the hardcore) Gunny Loop. 



Roam Fest takes place in the 18 Road system with trail access seconds away from our venue. Known as the "family friendly" trail system in the area, 18 Road is a great place to start your adventure in the Grand Valley. 

Open to e-bikes? YES!

Easiest Trail: Kessel Run

Challenging Trail:  Zippity

Most Famous Trail: PBR (Pumps, Bumps, & Rollers)

Number of Trails: 39

Fun Facts/Good to Know:

  • Opened to ebikes in April 2022.

  • Where everyone new to the area should start their weekend on the bike. It only gets more challenging from here. 

  • The cliffs in this system are called The Book Cliffs and are part of the world's longest landlocked escarpment! 

  • Local speak: "I'm headed out to ride 18 Road!" (it's just "18 Road")



Named for the infamous Kokopelli Trail (which starts/terminates in the main parking lot), the Kokopelli Trail System boasts stunning views of the Colorado River and plenty of opportunities to practice your rock maneuvers on these primarily technical trails. 

Open to e-bikes? Nope!

Easiest Trail: Rustlers

Challenging Trail:  The rest of them. But Mack Ridge/Lower Moore Fun if you like hard things. 

Most Famous Trail: Horsethief Bench

Number of Trails: 38

Fun Facts/Good to Know:

  • Even the easiest trail, Rustlers, is a bump up on the challenge-meter from anything at 18 Road. Don't be intimidated though - it's easy to walk the bits that are hard & the views are absolutely worth it!

  • Local speak: "You wanna ride Koko?"/"You wanna ride Loma?" Locals often refer to Kokopelli as "Loma" because trails are off the Loma exit. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 12.57.55 PM.png


Shhh... don't tell anyone how epic the Lunch Loops trails are. If you are looking for some of the spiciest, most rewarding technical riding in the country, head out to Lunch Loops. If it feels hard, it's because it is! 

Open to e-bikes? Up Little Park Road there is a network of motorized trails...but most mtb routes have non-motorized classification, so no ebikes friends. 

Easiest Trail: Kids Meal

Challenging Trail:  The whole system. 

Most Famous Trail: Gunny Loop or The Ribbon

Number of Trails: 62

Fun Facts/Good to Know:

  • If you can ride here, you can ride anywhere. 

  • Likely to see more urban pedestrian trail users in this system.

  • Local speak: "Anyone up for a Lite Lunch?" This fun/challenging route is the standard lunch break ride for locals, hence "Lunch Loops"



Enjoy these routes OYO or signup for a group ride!

We highly recommend downloading the Trailforks app and upgrading to Trailforks Pro (yes, it's 100% worth it)

NO E-BIKES at Kokopeli and Lunch Loops Trail Systems

Also, apologies about so many dude's what is available to showcase the terrain. 

18 ROAD - Kessel Run

Minimum Skill Level: 2

Roam Fest Fruita 18 Rd Kickoff Ride. Super beginner loop from festival venue. Up the gravel road, then down Kessel Run and back to the venue.

Trail Ratings
electric bike.jpeg

KOKOPELLI - Just Rustlers

Minimum Skill Level: 2+

Rustlers plus a lil extra Rustlers loop is a great "get your feet wet" ride in the Kokopelli trail system. Here you'll find beautiful views of the Colorado River and a handful of low-consequence challenging maneuvers.

No Ebikes Sign.jpg
Trail Ratings


Minimum Skill Level: 2

A nice beginner loop at Lunch Loops. This route can be ridden in reverse order. It is made up of 3 small loops that can be omitted or cut short depending on how you are feeling.

Kids Meal
No Ebikes Sign.jpg
Trail Ratings


Minimum Skill Level: 3

A beginner route from the festival venue. Up Prime Cut (uphill only) and down PBR (Pumps, Bumps and Rollers - downhill only).

electric bike.jpeg
Trail Ratings

KOKOPELLI - Rustlers/Wrangler

Minimum Skill Level: 3-4+

Rustlers plus a lil extra Wrangler loop is a great "get your feet wet" ride in the Kokopelli trail system. 

No Ebikes Sign.jpg
Trail Ratings

18 ROAD - Joe's Ridge

Minimum Skill Level: 5 (or a brave 4)

Joe's is a classic ridge trail. with exposed ridges toward the top of the trail (this can be scary for folks who haven't ridden this type of terrain). Super fun and flowy w/ small optional jumps, gaps & table tops along the way. 

electric bike.jpeg
Trail Ratings

KOKOPELLI - Horsethief

Minimum Skill Level: 5

The descent into the loop from Mary’s is a hike-a-bike. The rest is fast & fun with some advanced obstacles, & more beautiful views.

No Ebikes Sign.jpg
Trail Ratings

LUNCH LOOPS - Time Machine/Noreaster

Minimum Skill Level: 5 or a strong 4

A moderately challenging loop with a mix of desert "flow" and technical rocky bits with some exposure. You'll be all smiles at the end as you are escorted out by the trails Yes N Dee Dee and Noreaster

Time Machine
No Ebikes Sign.jpg
Trail Ratings

18 ROAD - Zippity Do Dah

Minimum Skill Level: 6+

 Zippity Do Dah is rife with steep and narrow ridgeline downhills and steep ups that you'll want to bring all of your momentum into. 

electric bike.jpeg
Trail Ratings

KOKOPELLI -  Mary's Wranglers Loop

Minimum Skill Level: 6 (or 5 up for a challenge)

Pack lots of snacks for this ride. Much of this route is on fast and flowy singletrack, but don't be fooled by the intermediate trail ratings - there are more than enough rocky technical moves to test your skills and give you a reason to hike-a-bike (on Steve's Loop especially).

Marys Wranglers
No Ebikes Sign.jpg
Trail Ratings

KOKOPELLI -  Hawkeye

Minimum Skill Level: 6+

This is an advanced route that is best to do in the morning as many riders use Hawkeye as their exit from the trail system.  Mack Ridge as a descent is technical and rocky. This ride may look short but hours could be spent sessioning the technical maneuvers this route has to offer.

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 2.13.02 PM.png
No Ebikes Sign.jpg
Trail Ratings

LUNCH LOOPS -  Lite Lunch

Minimum Skill Level: 6

The iconic GJ lunch ride. A consistent climb with mild to challenging technical features, a rocky high-flying descent. You should be comfortable maneuvering over/around/down rocks of all sizes. 

No Ebikes Sign.jpg
Trail Ratings
Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 2.17.59 PM.png

LUNCH LOOPS -  Gunny Loop

Minimum Skill Level: 6+

The Roam Crew's favorite shuttle! Don't be fooled by lift "to the top". This is consistently technical and a bit of type 2 fun! 

No Ebikes Sign.jpg
Trail Ratings
Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 2.44.40 PM.png