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DIY Lodging/Ride Share



Please note: Primitive camping is FREE at 18 Road

Getting Here​

Head to the 18 Road Trailhead

Look for the Roam Fest signs.

You will turn right about a mile before the main 18 Rd Trailhead parking lot. 


 Please park in designated festival parking area 

Please do not park at the 18 Road TH parking lot.

We're across the road at the new Staging Area lot. 

Roam Fest_Fruita_Driving.png
Roam Fest_Fruita_Campground.png


Free camping is available for festival pass holders (only!) in our venue.

Camping Check-In Starts: Thursday 4PM

Camping Check-Out Ends: Monday 11AM

Camping in our designated camp area?


Please DO NOT have non-festival goers stay at your campsite. Your manfriend makes an awkward campfire guest. Feel free to camp across the road or at a paid campsite if your entire party isn't a part of our festival. Thaaaanks!


NO DOGS in the designated festival camp area. 


ROAM_Sedona18-1470742 copy.jpg

Ride Shuttles

Shuttles in Fruita are transportation to trailheads. With the exception of Gunny Loop shuttles on Sunday...we don't shuttle you to the top of's just a car ride!


BEP_180512_159 copy.jpg


Dinner Friday & Saturday night is

included in your pass.

FOOD TRUCKS WILL BE ONSITE FRI-SUN FOR BREAKFAST & LUNCH. Thank you for supporting our local food purveyors!


Restaurants, a grocery store & coffee shops are a 30 minute drive from the festival. Feel free to stock up the cooler and stay in the desert with us!

Potable water & free beer is available onsite.

If camping, bring water with you and use our supply as backup.

ROAM_Sedona18-1480751 copy.jpg


Book EARLY for best prices and availability.

Not camping? Fruita is adorable!

Hotels/Inns in Fruita

Hotels on the north side of the interstate are a bit more convenient to get walk to downtown. 


Fruita VRBO's

Fruita AirBnB's



Grand Junction Regional (GJT)

A small regional airport just a 30 Min drive from festival. Worth the convenience even if tickets are a bit more expensive.

Salt Lake City Intl (SLC)

A 4 hour drive from Fruita. We recommend flying into SLC if you are looking for a bigger airport - driving from Denver can be problematic with weather and traffic. 



What Should I Pack?

Personal Gear

  • Casual shoes

  • 1 puffy coat for post ride

  • 1 flannel

  • 2-3 casual shirts

  • 1-2 pair travel/comfy pants

  • 1-2 pair of casual shorts

  • Outfit for evening dinner out

  • Undergarments

  • Socks

  • Swimsuit + travel towel

  • 1 beanie & 1 hat w/ sun visor

  • Toiletries

  • Wet wipes/hand sanitizer

  • Personal medications

  • Phone/electronics charging cords

  • Portable battery charging unit

Camping Gear

  • 1 gallon water a person per day

  • Tent/Footprint/Rainfly

  • Pillow

  • Sleeping bag & extra blankets

  • Head lamp

  • Lantern (optional but nice)

  • Table

  • Sunshade (tent, awning, etc.)

  • Tent weights/stakes

  • Kitchen items (cooking, dishes)

  • Trash can/bags (pack it out)

  • Stove/grill + fuel
  • Wood for campfire

  • Lighter!

Ride Gear

  • Helmet

  • Riding shoes (flats or clipless)

  • Riding pack (1-2 liter hydration)

  • 2-3 sets of riding shorts/jerseys

  • 2-3 Padded shorts/chamois

  • Riding layers (ie merino wool)

  • 1-2 pair gloves

  • 2-3 pair athletic socks

  • Knee/elbow pads

  • Rain jacket & Light windbreaker

  • Riding sunglasses

  • Chamois cream

  • Sunscreen/Bug spray

  • Fix-a-flat/emergency kit (recommended)



Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: No. 

Q: Can I bring my kid?

A: No. 

Q: Can I bring my man friend?

A: No. 

Q: Can I bring my lady friend who isn't attending the festival?

A: No. 

Q: Where can all these humans and my fur baby camp?

A: If you and your non-festival crew want to camp together,, feel free to reserve a paid campsite at the North Fruita Desert Campground (loops A-D) or snag a primitive campsite outside of the designated festival campground. If you are in a developed campsite and can see the festival, it is part of the festival campground. 


Q: How do I pick a campsite?

A: Starting Thursday at 4pm (please for the love of cookies don't come early!) we will load folks in starting at the North campsites closest to the festival. Please follow staff directions. We DO have a method to the madness. 

Q: How many campsites are there?

A: There are 50 primitive campsites. We plan on cramming everyone in like sardines. If you would like more space...there are several hundred square miles of BLM land just adjacent to the campground. 

Q: Do I get my own campsite?

A: There are more campers than campsites and we are loading each site with 2+ vehicles.+humans. Think of this as a sleep away camp; we aren't staking a claim to a site, we are scooching in tight so we can make new friends and share an awesome campsite. 

Q: Can I camp in a primitive (non-designated) spot?

A: Yes, there are a few large primitive areas just before the designated campground. We cannot control who is camped there with you. 


Q: What amenities are available?

A: These are primitive campsites with drop toilets (think campsite outhouses), portable toilets, hand wash stations, picnic benches, & fire pits. There is no electricity, showers, or running water. 


Q: Will there be potable (drinkable) water available?

A: We ask that you bring a 1.5 gallons a person a day if camping. If you need refills, we have potable water at the festival expo for refills. 

Q: Can I charge my phone/electronics somewhere?

A: We will have limited charging available via a generator. If you have a portable battery pack, please bring it. We can power you up in a pinch but are trying to manage power for festival-critical devices. 

Q: Can I run a generator?

A: Yes. Quiet hours are 10pm - really don't want to be THAT person running your genny at 9:50 or 7:01. Hint: no-one wants to fall asleep or wake up to your generator. 


Q: This should be the first question on the FAQ... Is there coffee?

A: Yes. One of our breakfast food trucks will have coffee for purchase. 

Q: Is there breakfast available?

A: Yes. We have catered breakfast available for purchase. Please support our local food purveyors and enjoy a hastle-free breakfast. 

Q: Is there lunch available?

A: Yes. We have lunch food trucks onsite as well! There will be a to-go option for those of you who want to pack a lunch for your midday rides. 

Q: Is there dinner available?

A: Yes. Dinner is INCLUDED in your festival pass Friday and Saturday night. 


Q: How hot or cold will it get?

A: It may dip into the 30's at night and could be in the 90's during the day. Pack accordingly! A warm puffy jacket, beanie, and warm athleisure pants are standard night attire. Don't forget to pack for rain.


If bringing a sleeping bag, we always recommend packing an extra blanket (or two!) to add a layer of warmth. Don't forget your pillow!


Q: Can we have campfires?

A: Check-in with us on current fire ban status. 

Q: What if it rains?

A: Be ready to rough it! We have a mega canopy for folks to huddle under if a quick storm is rolling through. There isn't much for us to do but be prepared for the worst and tough it out if there is significant weather. 

Q: Is there much shade?

A: There is exactly ZERO shade. Bring a pop-up or awning if you have it. Don't forget to tie it can get very windy and flying tents are dangerous!

Camping FAQ
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