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Q: Is it weird if I come to the festival solo?

A: Hell no! About 1/3 of our participants arrive won't take long to make new friends!


Q: Will there be coaching & skills clinics?

A: Noooope! We are here to shred, tho there are dozens of off-the-bike educational workshops throughout the weekend for post-ride nerding out!


So to be very clear: there will be NO skills clinics or coaching Friday-Sunday at the festival. 


Q: Is this festival beginner/novice friendly?

  • Knoxville & Fruita 

    • All level riders are welcome to party with us in Fruita although we strongly discourage first-time mountain bikers from attending (get some practice in and come join us!)

  • Sedona​

    • Our Sedona festival is not for beginner or newer riders (due in large part to the lack of beginner-friendly trails). We recommend Sedona participants be at least intermediate riders to fully enjoy this festival location.

Q: How do I know what Fest and/or Guided Ride is right for me based on my riding ability? 

A: Check out our handy, Roam Events-specific, Skill + Fitness Level Rating System to maximize your fun factor! Setting you up for success starts with understanding exactly what kind of adventure you are getting yourself into. We've developed a Skill and Fitness Rating System so you can easily comprehend what to expect when riding at Roam.

Q: I'm an expert level rider, real talk - is this festival for me?

A: Jill Kintner, Vaea Verbeeck, Leigh Donovan, Kelli Emmett, and Olympian Chloe Woodruff think the festival is pretty effin' rad. We stand by our policy of "does not suck" for advanced riders, including those who have the skills to pay the bills.

Q: How old/young do I have to be to participate?

Due to alcohol permitting, you must be 21 to attend. Under 21? Contact us. Our attendee age breakdown is typically as follows: 21-29: 20%, 30-39: 28%, 40-49: 22% 50-59: 25%, 60+ 5%

Q: How many women come to the festival?

A: Between 400-700+ ladies from all over the country, Canada, and beyond come to each festival!

Q: Can my super adorable fur baby Fluffy come to the festival?

A: Due to the insanity that would ensue if 300 women showed up with their 547 dogs...we ask that you leave Fluffy at home.

Q: Can my husband/boyfriend/dad/totally platonic man-friend come?

A: Hard no. Roam Fest is a women's-only bike festival and we can't go catching any cooties. 

Q: I'm a dude, can I just come demo a bike?

A: Thanks for asking, but no. Feel free to check out our bike partners' demo schedules for other nearby opportunities. Local bike shops have great high-end rental fleets as well!

Q: Are WTF/non-binary folks invited?

A: Yes, absolutely! Anyone who identifies as female or non-binary and is over the age of 21 is welcome to join us! And before you jackholes leave dumb/insulting "can I just wear a wig and a skirt?" comment – that is old, tired, and completely inappropriate. Do better. 

Q: What if it rains?

A: The festival will go on as scheduled. As proponents of good stewardship, we may change ride and shuttle offerings if trails are deemed unridable. Regardless, there will be tons of fun to be had onsite at our expo area! 


Q: What is a Festival Pass + Bike Demo

A: Bike Demo passholders get full-access to hundreds of demo bikes throughout the weekend.   

Q: I just want to demo, is there a discounted pass to only demo bikes?

A: And miss the dance party? Are you crazy?! We're committed to this lady shred fest being a sun-up to sun-down extravaganza; trust us that Roam Fest is the best thing you'll ever invest in. 

Q: Im bringing my own bike, is there a discounted pass for BYOB?

A: Yes, the standard Festival Pass is discounted and does not include demo. 

Q: I can only come 1 or 2 days, is there a discounted pass if I don't come for the entire festival?

A: Girl, get that time off work! The festival pass price does not change based on arrival or departure day/time. Don't worry if you can't be there the whole time, every moment of Roam Fest has a. bundle of epic rolled into it. For the record, our most consistent feedback is that ladies wished they had attended from the moment our doors opened until they closed. 

Q: What are the cancellation and refund policies?

A: See "Cancellations & Refunds" below.



Q: Where should I camp? 


Free primitive (no showers!) camping is available at all three festivals. You must register with a camping add-on pass so we know to expect you! Hang tight after registering and we will send you so many details on camping! Please do not contact campgrounds with festival questions - they will just end up calling us. Please contact if you have pressing camping questions. 

  • Knoxville

    • Free camping is available at The Drop Inn, just a short drive or pedal from the festival. Not into camping? We're a short drive from downtown., check local vacation rentals, hotels,

  • Fruita

    • Most of us are camping at the festival venue at 18 Road. If roughing it isn't your thing, check out lodging in downtown Fruita - it's about a 20-minute drive from the festival venue. 

  • Sedona​

    • There is extremely limited festival camping at Chavez Crossing - and loads of free BLM camping around Sedona (where? Google it my friend). The festival will be held at The Red Agave Resort in the Village of Oak Creek. Book lodging early!


Q: Can I share a ride or housing?

A: Yes! Check out our Ride/Housing share documents on the Plan Your Trip page

Knoxville Ride/Housing Share

Fruita Ride/Housing Share

Sedona Ride/Housing Share

Q: Where should I fly into? How do I get to the festival?

Answers: Check out our Plan Your Trip pages for more details (coming soon)​​

Knoxville: TYS McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville or BNA Nashville International Airport 2 hours away

Fruita: GJT Grand Junction Regional Airport (10 min from Fruita)  MJT Montrose (1 hour away) SLC (4 hours away) or DEN (4 hours, not reccomended - SLC is an easier drive)

Sedona: PHX Phoenix International Airport (2 hours), FLG Flagstaff Pullman Airport (A little over an hour, usually has a dumb layover in PHX, so not worth it most of the time)

Q: Will there be food at the festival?


  • Ride hydration will be provided 

  • Dinner is provided Friday and Saturday night for all festival participants

  • Knoxville

    • Coffee & lunch food trucks are onsite. Plan on eating breakfast before you arrive for the day.

  • Fruita

    • The festival is in a remote location 20-30 minutes from town. Onsite coffee, breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase. 

    • Downtown Fruita features several great restaurants and a grocery store. 

  • Sedona

    • Restaurants, coffee, & a great local grocery store are within a 1/2 mile of the festival.

    • We're working on food trucks to be onsite. Standby. 


Q: I don't eat animals, food options for me?

A: Friday and Saturday dinner will have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-freedom & dairy-free options. 



Q: What do I need to demo (test ride)?

A: You MUST purchase a Festival Pass+Bike Demo to test ride bikes. Bring a helmet, appropriate shoes, a credit card and ID (to make sure you bring the bike back), and your festival pass. 

Q: How long are demo rides?

A: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF COOKIES DO NOT KEEP YOUR DEMO BIKE ALL DAY! We have a serious issue with festival goers keeping bikes all day...that would be a "rental," friends. Demo bikes are meant to be taken out for a 2-3 hour ride and brought back so your friends can try them. If everyone takes a morning demo and brings it back midday, 150 more people can try bikes!

Q: Where should I ride?

A: A detailed series of ride routes are available for each festival via the Trailforks app (this is our favorite riding tool and we highly recommend upgrading to a pro plan, the desktop version is free). These routes can be found on each festival page as well as at the festival in our Ride Zone where local experts are available to help you choose a route suited to your experience and fitness level.  

Q: Can anyone join a guided ride?

A: Only participants with a Guided Ride add-on may join Guided Rides. We must strictly enforce the requirements of our guide permits with land managers and stakeholders, including group size and all the other "official" things that come with guiding. ​​

Q: How do I get on a shuttle?

A: Purchase a Shuttle Add-On (not required in Knoxville to ride Devil's Racetrack). For those with a Guided Ride Add-On, shuttles are included - you can also hop in open seats for any shuttles with a Guided Ride pass and do not need to strictly stick to Guided Rides to get on a shuttle. Thanks for your understanding that we're still working through the nuts and bolts of coordinating this offering. 



Q: Can I attend any workshop? Do I need to bring anything?

A: Attend all the workshops, no need to bring anything but yourself. 

Q: What is the Happiest Hour?

A: A crazy fun hour of free dranks, snacks, and games provided by our expo vendors. Non-alcoholic drinks available. 

Q: Is the film screening really outside at night?

A: We're mountain bikers. Which scientifically means we are stronger and more resistant to the elements than normal humans. Dress warm. Bring a puffy. Have a blanket with you...and maybe some Fireball..

Q: What is a SHREDTalk?

A: The most inspiring hour of your life. AKA a panel discussion with industry legends, community game changers, influencers, and inspiration-smiths.  

Q: Should I really bring a costume for the dance party?

A: Shhyaaaah! Even better if it is homemade! 


Q: Can I be a Ride Guide at the festival?

A: Do you know the local trails and feel comfortable navigating a group safely on them? Then hell yes girl! Please e-mail us for an application at


Q: Can I volunteer at the festival?

A: Volunteer opportunities are limited and we prioritize local applicants, but if you think you've got a skillset we just can't pass up, email us at

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Please be sure to fully look over details on our website, Eventbrite page, and e-mail blasts. Still have questions? We can be reached by email at


Roam Events Website

Roam Events YouTube Channel



  • GET ON THE WAITLIST! Our waitlist is your only hope of getting into the festival once we've sold out. Be sure to register your entire group individually as we release waitlisted tickets one at a time.

  • Please leave your email address AND phone number so we can double-notify you should a ticket become available. 

  • When a ticket becomes available, you will have 24 hours to register. Once this time frame has passed, your spot will automatically be released to the next person on the waitlist. We cannot re-release you a ticket if you miss your registration window, so use an email you actually check.


Self-Administrated Transfers

  • Up to 48 hours prior to the festival, a registered pass holder can transfer their ticket to another participant.

    • No registration transfers to another event. 

    • No transfers within 48 hours of the festival start date. 

    • All transfers can be processed OYO on Eventbrite. 



  • Transfer refunds: Don't have anyone to transfer your pass to? Contact us about transferring your registration to a waitlisted party.

    • Transfer refunds are only allowed up to 10 days before the festival start.

    • If a waitlisted person is able to register into your open spot, we can refund your registration.

    • If we are unable to register someone off the waitlist to take your place, we cannot offer you a refund for any reason.  

  • No refunds. We understand illness, injury, or family emergencies do happen. While we’ll always want to help, please be ready for our policies to still apply.

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