Explore a world class riding destination!

We've learned from experience that having to consult a map every turn isn't the best way to enjoy a new trail system. That's why we've invited local volunteers to help out with group rides. These lady shredders are here to: keep you on the right route, follow the rules of the trail, get you back safely, and have all the fun!


No coaching. No Skills clinics. Just fun-first lady shred.


How Group Rides Work

60+ rides & a group for everyone.





  • Max group size = 8 riders.

  • Ride within your ability.

  • No coaching please.

  • Less talky. More bikey. 

Before Purchasing a Festival Pass:

Check out our Skills & Fitness Rating System: actually read it. 

  1. At checkout, indicate which Skills Level you are

  2. We will assign you a correlating wristband to pickup at the fest.



We take the information you provide us upon registering and assign you a correlating wristband color that you'll receive at the festival.

Skill Level 1: Totes a Newbie |  Pink 

Skill Level 2: Beginner |   Green 

Skill Level 3: Novice |  Yellow 

Skill Level 4: Intermediate |  Purple 

Skill Level 5: Strong Intermediate |  Blue 

Skill Level 6: Advanced |  Orange 

Skill Level 7: Expert |  Black 

Skill Level 8: Pro |  Red 


Ride Pace:

We split group rides based on skill level & ride pace

  • Fun: Party rides! No skill requirements. Short, fun, outings. Most of these rides have another component (such as a suspension clinic) as part of them. 

  • Hang: For those of you who prefer a mellow/relaxed pace and breaks to rest. 

  • Chill: For those with a decent fitness base, this group will keep moving along with fewer rest stops, but the pace will be still be mellow. 

  • Hammer: We'll stop occasionally, but this pace will be more moderate, including climbs. 

  • Slay: For the seriously fit who have the skills & fitness to climb & descend. 


Speciality Group Rides:

  • "Single Ladies": Did you come to Roam Fest solo? These rides are for you! Come meet new friends and enjoy a variety of ride offerings. 

  • "50+ Rides": These group rides are designated for 50+ riders; younger friends welcome!

  • "Epic Outing": Ready to put your big girl pants on and shred everything the trails have to offer? Advance routes, tons of milage, hammer+ pace & the sendiest ride leaders. 

  • VIP Rides: Our VIP Coordinator will assist VIP Pass holders in selecting group rides.

Signing Up For A Group Ride:

  1. Go to the Ride Board and find a ride with your wristband color & preferred time/pace

  2. Sign up for a ride with your name & phone # 

  3. Pack your hydration, nutrition, & gear. Get ride-ready.

  4. Grab a demo bike! Get a demo wheelset! Snag some demo gear!

  5. Meet at host tent 10 minutes before designated ride time

  6. Meet your ride leaders, give everyone high fives

During the Ride:

  1. Have all the fun!

  2. Listen to your ride leader.

  3. Communicate any stopping, slowing, or excited YEEEHAW's!

  4. Turns - make sure the rider behind you knows where to go. 

  5. Follow the Rules of the Trail including:

    • Leave no trace​

    • Stay on the trail/ride open trails

    • Control your bike

    • YIELD to everyone. Talk to horsemen about how/where they would like you to stand or pass.

NOTE: Absolutely NO alcohol in DuPont or Pisgah forests, including parking lots. Don't worry - we'll have plenty of cold ones for you when you get back from your ride. 


Ride Schedule

Once at the festival, signup for rides on the  Ride Board


Check back with us closer to the festival for schedule updates.


Group rides will run from 10:00am - 4:00pm


Group rides will run from 9:00am - 4:00pm


Group rides will run from 9:00am - 2:00pm

Sunday group rides will be determined by ride leaders. Sunday ride information can be found on the Ride Board by Saturday evening.