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Yes, you should plan to demo! Where else are you going to find hundreds of hand-selected bikes, components, & gear, with uber friendly, helpful, we-promise-they-won't-mansplain-to-you folks ready to help set you up for an epic ride experience?


Demo is included in your festival pass, please see below for details. 


Ride all the bikes.

Your fun-o-meter will go to 11.


We've hand selected a representative of bike brands ready to showcase their high-end whips. These folks don't just talk the talk with women's mountain biking- they walk the walk with women's products, athletes, ambassadors, grassroots involvement, & more. 

Demo bikes will be sent out first-come-first-serve and we cannot guarantee availability. If you are keen on a particular bike, we recommend you snag a limited-quantity

VIP Demo Pass. 

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More demo partners TBA

The Top 10 Things to Know About Demo::


  1. A "demo" is an outdoor industry word for "test ride".

  2. Be shreddy. Be ready to ride when you arrive to get a demo bike. It is important for accurate suspension setup that you have your gear (including water) physically on you.

  3. Have your helmet, ID, and credit card. Our demo exhibitors will hang on to your credit card while you have their really really nice bike. You'll get your card back as soon as they have their bike back. 

  4. Get stoked. Be patient. Our demo crews are hustling their arses off to get bikes out as quickly as possible. 

  5. Expect things to feel a little different. Surprise! You are riding a new bike; expect the bike to handle differently than what you're used to. Embrace the squishy goodness. 

  6. Demo isn't an all-day rental. Generally a demo is 1-2 hours, but because we are a private event, our awesome demo crews are happy to accommodate the timing of shuttles & group rides. PLEASE bring morning demos back by midday so that another participant can test ride. If everyone does this, there will be plenty of bikes to swap midday! 

  7.  Please don't hang on to a bike while you take a break or have a meal. This is demo sacrilege!

  8.  Ask all the questions! Demo crews LOVE answering questions. . .maybe just don't ask every single one when there is a line of 10 people behind you. Post-ride is often less busy and a great time to crack a cold one and ask away. 

  9. Try try again! You might not initially get the exact bike that you were gunning for; check back after your shred session on your backup plan!

  10. Have all the fun! Demo bikes are meant to be ridden, so don't sweat the small stuff - feel free to ride like that sendy unicorn that you are into the techy bits!


Want early access to demo bikes, reservations for Saturday and Sunday morning, and extra time with our demo crews to nerd out? Then a VIP Demo Pass is for you!

What's Included?

  • Guaranteed bike availability

  • Exclusive early access to demo Friday morning

  • Reserve a bike for Saturday and Sunday mornings

  •  Extended setup time with demo crews to extra dial in your bike

Great for those flying or who don't want the hassle of traveling with a bike. We sell a very limited quantity of VIP Demo Passes ($49), so don't wait to snag one while registering for the fest! 

Free. Included in Festival Pass.
Thursday, April 31, 3-6pm
i9 Headquarters | Asheville, NC
Factory Tours, Snacks, & Stoke
Thursday, April 31, 3-6pm
i9 Headquarters | Asheville, NC
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Industry Nine Letterhead Logo-Black.png

I found my dream bike! I spend the weekend demoing the same 6 bikes on repeat. All the brands were incredibly helpful and went above and beyond to answer all my questions. Roam is hands down the best way to test ride - everyone is so friendly! I ordered my new bike before I even left the festival. It will be waiting for me at my local shop when I get home! 

Ready to play bikes with us?

Thanks to Our Partners
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